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Labor Day Sale 75% off

Hello, I am having a labor day sale at my Digi Shop. I’m calling it the Fruits of my Labor sale! I am up to almost 230 listings which was a lot of work and sweat. My goal is still 400 images at least so I have a bit of ways to go. I am also now selling at Creative Market, which I get many more views than etsy and my watercolors are a bit more popular there. I love traditional illustration styles so that makes me happy. Here are 2 versions of my hand drawn camping equipment.hand-drawn-campingThe one above is hand drawn then scanned and colored in illustrator. The one below is hand drawn, hand painted. I like both looks.

camping equipment v2072 lowIt has been a while since I have gone camping, I think fall is a good time to do that and hopefully we can get some car camping done up the coast called Point Mugu near Malibu. Here is a lantern freebie for ya. By the way, my facebook page is updated almost daily, and with freebies. http://www.Facebook.com/sanjonesstudio

lanternRed Lantern freebie…to download right click and save.

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If you are a kid, then summer is over

Screen shot 2014-08-15 at 12.25.25 AM

As the kids go back to school so early in August it is time to reflect all the fun things I did this summer besides work on illustrations. One of the tops was going to the Mark Ryden show “The Gay 90’s”. I’ve been to every show he had in L.A. which is about 3 and all did not disappoint. I have been fascinated with his work since 2003 and of course, the big eyes big head thing.

Screen shot 2014-08-15 at 12.25.11 AMThis was a small size show and I have seen some of the larger paintings before so I focused on checking out in detail, his details. I am adding more original work in my  Prints and original shop. and I for sure want to add more painterly illustrations in my digi shop as well. As an illustrator I love so many styles but I find painting (with a brush) to be most enjoyable.

Screen shot 2014-08-15 at 12.24.53 AMI really dig this curios cabinet in this painting I can stare at it for days! One day when I get my illustration stores of the ground, I would like to return to painting with oils in such a detailed manner…I miss the days when I had months to work on a painting…Now that summer is over, I must stop playing and get back to doing more drawing, painting and graphic designing.

Well Good nite n’ tootles for now…


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Held hostage by a bunch of doll faces.

I have been held hostage by a bunch of dollfaces and haven’t  been able to post. I mean they are so cute that it was really hard to escape!

nightatopera masqueradeBall Ballet-Studio Ballet-Recital antoinette-girls flower-dresses


These cuties are available at my digi shop

I will be doing a whole series of them in various settings and costumes! Here is a freebie Marie Antoinette!


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Feeling Flowery


Hope you (whoever you are) had a nice long 4th of July Weekend. I had a nice 4th, though we got too lazy to see fireworks. (we did see them just from the street, that was good enough) Too much BBQ can do that to you. Now it is back to work…I have been in a flowery mood, and made a few illustration sets of quirky style flowers. I really enjoy just drawing directly on to adobe illustrator with my Wacom pen without doing any preliminary drawings or scanning and tracing. I used to to only feel comfortable drawing with pencil first, then tracing, but now I prefer to just do it “freehand”. I think it makes it look so much more interesting, and definitely add a quirky feel to the drawings, which is what I prefer.

These are available in my Digi shop


These flowers are pretty fun, and always look happy. Here are a couple of freebies:



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Baby Boy Shower in Watercolors + Freebie



Baby Boy Watercolor Illustration Set available at the Digi Factory

I have been reading various blogs these past years and I am really surprised at how many people show pictures of their children. Not just mommy bloggers, but all sorts of artists, even from etsy. I have in the past posted some pictures, way before I was concerned with internet privacy. Now hesitate to even post too many personal pictures on facebook. I dunno, it just seems like it is pretty easy to lookup peoples addresses from domain registrars, and when my paranoid imagination runs away from me, I forsee some crazed lunatic “fan” hiding behind my very sparse bushes. On that note, here is an adorable set perfect for baby shower or scrapbooking with your precious bundle’s pictures that hopefully you aren’t pimping out to the world. I suppose I better get privacy protection for my site. Good nite!


Here is a freebie little outfit, click and save.

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Water + Paint + Paper + Freebie

wc-rainbows painted-flowers



Been on a watercolor binge. Here are some new sets available at the digi store  Sometimes you gotta step away from the computer and paint with real paint and paper. I mean it still takes hours to separate the images and prepare them digitally, but it still is better than doing it totally on the computer. I see so many generic looking clip art out there I just want to scream. I like the vector look just as much as any designer and sure it is useful for packaging and back when I worked at an evil toy company, I used vectors only. But something about a hand painted or hand drawn design adds a little quirkiness and unique-ness to things. I especially despise the uniform look of some of the vector stuff, (unless we are talking about Hello Kitty) because you know its just so computery and the designer merely just makes shapes in adobe illustrator and mirrors everything using the reflect function. But I must say it seems like that is what the general public thinks is art nowadays and certainly what sells more in my store. I hope to see a return to more illustrative illustrations if that makes any sense.  Anyway, enjoy this hand painted freebie, thanks for listening.


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Scrappy Doodles + a freebie birdie

scrappy-doodlesScrappy Doodles available on Etsy


Happy Sunday to you, and here is a hand drawn doodle set for scrapbooking. I heard scrapbooking is a dying craft, which is too bad. In high school I used to make scrapbooks, they are really fun to look back at. Especially since I included a lot of magazine ads and ticket stubs and even my old class schedule. So really alot of Guess® Jeans ads and Florentine Gardens passes. (yes I am that old) On the other hand digital scrapbooking is really popular so I guess that is good for me since I make such graphics. Enjoy the freebie birdie. bye.




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here are some things from my desk


things-from-my-deskHere are some things from my desk. Had a lot of fun doodling these. Especially since I was also listening to Darkness Radio podcast’s True Crime Tuesdays about missing persons. Here is a freebie of a pin for ya.



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Cute Kids Clip Art plus a freebie



Well hello there! Here are some of the latest kids illustrations that I did the other day. Available at my Etsy store. I really had a lot of fun with this set. Here is a freebie of Backpack Girl. I really like her sassy attitude. Enjoy, xoxo

girl w backpack



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